• Water repellent for car panel - direct put on car after car wash for 10 seconds and then wash or wipe out (except front, rear & back glass windows). Water repellent can effectively last up to three weeks
  • Diamond Body Coating for cars- using infrared or natural methods to dry out. This hardness may last up to 6H.
  • Glass window water repellent- coated on glass may effective for up to 2 months
  • Cleansing wax- neutral white fragrant wax soft solid, non-toxic (PH6~8), non-corrosive, does not burn, does not hurt the skin, can be dissolved in water decontamination wax, without any side effects. Use only tiny amount can instantly clean out filthy and greasy substances and does not produce static electricity. Applicable on glass for fog repellent, water repellent. clean away oils on panel, decontamination leather (chairs, garments, shoes, sport shoes..etc).
  • Automotive Leather Carmore..
  • Tyres bright oil more..