Dimethyl siloxane (Polydimethylsiloxane) , dimethicone, silicone oil & PDMS physical characteristics, product type and Application :

    • Excellent heat, cold, water, chemical resistance.
    • Plus special properties of low vapor pressure and electrical insulation.Under intense temperature changes, changes in viscosity is very small, and has from the type, waterproof, anti-foaming, lubrication and other properties.
    • Electrical insulating oil can be processed as a dipping oil, brake oil, lubricating oil, heat transfer oil, light oil , cosmetics source materials, medical supplies and fiber treatment agent.

Non-Reactive Silicone Fluid

    • Apply on KF-96 & TSF-451 & AK-350 & DC-200 & CGF & SH-200 & Element 14 PDMS
    • Variety of different viscosity (0.65 to 1 million CS). This mainly apply on electrical insulating oil, brake oil, light oil, fiber treatment agent, mold release & defoamers.

Paint Additive KF-69 7 kf-96

    • Paint Additive KF-69 7 kf-96, Effective for glazing and prevention of orange peel and silky in paints.
    • Water Repellent KF-99, Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid is highly water repellent which may apply on fiber, glass, metal and powder surfaces.

Cold & Heat Transfer Fluid: KF-965 & KF-50 & KF-54 & KF54 & KF-96 & SH-550 ……

KF-54(Methylphenyl Silicone Fluid)with good thermal oxidative stability. Can be used in the range of -50 ℃ to 300 . Especially suitable for high temperature above 250 ℃ oil bath , working oil, lubricants etc.
KF-96can be used in the range of -60℃ to 170℃. Suitable for low temperateure application of braking oil, lurbricants & kerosene.
KF-965 & KF-50can be used in the range of 30℃ to 250℃. Suitable for high temperateure application of braking oil, lurbricants & kerosene.

KF-410 & KF-412 & SH-230 & SH-203 ~Reappliable adhesive release agent
Is transparent pale yellow silicon oil. Generally, after applying ShinEstu release agent, may cause difficulties for printing and painting. But by using KF-410 instead, can simply print, paint and hot stamp on.
KF-412 is Yellow Brwn ShinEstu Silicon. Same as KF-410 used for coating, but has better coating property.

Diffusion Pump Fluid~HIVAC DC-704 DC-705

F-4 & F-5 HIVAC F-4can reach degree of vacuum of 10 -7 Torr or more. HIVAC F-5 can even reach ultra-high vacuum degree of 10 -12 Torr. Due to excellent resistance to oxygen and chemical stability, a stable condition can be maintained for a long time

Reactive silicone fluids has a variety of functional groups can be used as an internal additive of variety resin modified and cosmetics.

X-22-161、KF-6001、X-22-4952、FL-100、 X-22-164、X-22-163 X-22-162Modified resin, paint additives, fiber finishes, modified resin, paint additives.
RF-50000、RF-20000、RF-700、RF-1500 、RF-3000 、RF-10000、107Gel 62M (OH SILICONE POLYMER)Crosslink density can be combined with the mixed powder.
994、995、D5、 D4Dimethyl Cyclo Siloxane Volatile Silicone Fluid can apply in cosmetics or adding amino-modified silicon as the basic raw material for chemical reaction.
KF56 & TSF-437 Methylphenyl Silicone Fluid TSF-484 & 61M & PMX-0244

Food Grade Defoamer Agent KM-72S AKASIL ANTIFOAM 30PS Food Grade Release Agent KM-9737 KM-72S