• Viscosity range of 0.65 to 1 million (CPS), Up above GUM, contain a variety of special viscosity.
  • Excellent temperature resistance (-50 ℃ ~ 220 ℃)
  • Good electrical insulation (temperature ↑, permittivity ↓, small changes)
  • Good hydrophobicity (water interfacial tension of 42mN/m)
  • Viscosity stability (temperature ↑, viscosity change is small)
  • High resistance to compression
  • Low surface tension (water = 72mN/m, silicone oil = 15.9 ~ 21.1mN/m)
  • Non-toxic, odorless and physiologically inert (high stability)
  • Good lubrication
  • Non-adhesive (mold release)
  • Defoaming (interface-active agents)
  • Follows ROHS regulation
  • Food-grade. medical grade cosmetic grade specification

Application :

  • Machine industry: lubricants, cutting oils, heat/cold transfer oil, damping oil
  • Electronic industry: transformer oil, shock absorber oil, high/low temperature brake oil
  • Automotive: bumper oil, brake fluid, oil meter damping, car wax additives
  • Fiber, leather industry: hydrophobic agents, softeners, hand modifiers, defoamers of dyeing industry, sewing lubrication
  • Rubber, plastics, stripping, polishing
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetics additives, hydrophobic, cosmetic ingredients
  • Building Materials: weathering paint
  • Other: mold release agent, waterproof, anti-foaming, lubrication and other properties